Weekly eZine Source – Strategy #13

Posted on: February 1st, 2012 by Deborah Plouffe No Comments

Why should YOU publish an email newsletter? eZines are one of the most popular and effective tools that we can use to communicate with our prospects and customers. You know a lot about your industry AND your business that your audience will find interesting.

Through our Weekly eZine Source and blog series, we’ll cover every aspect of formulating your e-newsletter, from design to content to marketing. We’ll help you to transform your subscribers into an enthusiastic audience who will look forward to each issue and gladly share it with their friends and associates.

Let’s look at Strategy #13.

Need a creative content idea that’s different from the features that you usually include in your ezine…something that your competition may NOT be including?

Throughout the month of January, we looked at twenty very unique ideas. So let’s take a closer look at one of the very best newsletter features that can help to brand you as an expert–the CASE STUDY.

Case studies are a lot of fun AND pretty versatile as well. You can use an actual story about something that happened in your business, OR you can get really creative and invent it entirely using a representation of your ideal client and the problems that you know you can solve for them. You can write it like a story or anecdote or even like a fable or a parable. In my experience, the best option is to produce something that is a combination of fact and fiction. Take an occurrence as a guide and then embellish it until you sound absolutely fantastic! The object is to make you and your business sound like master problem solvers to the people who need their problem solved.

These can be short or long; you can have a whole bunch on hand to use throughout the year, or you can use one once and never use it again. Whatever works for you!

You can also get much more mileage out of your case study far beyond the benefits of including it in your newsletter. Let’s look at some of the many places that you can use that same piece, over and other again.


Rewrite and customize your case study to read like a press release and submit your release to local media…or post to online press release sites. This is a different and more interesting approach to the traditional press release, and it might make YOURS more noticeable among the hundreds that these outlets receive.


Share each new case study with your customers and prospects. Keep print copies in your shop or showroom for people to read, or even use them as part of your sales presentations. Everyone LOVES to read or hear a story!


Add a case study to your “About Us” section or work them into the page that includes testimonials. If you’re really prolific at writing them, you can even dedicate a section of the site just for case studies. You can also use the enticement of a good read to draw prospects from your social media circles over to your website.


Build a portion of your speech (or even the whole thing) around your case study. You can also rework the content into a PowerPoint presentation, print to use as a handout or giveaway, or include it as part of your bio package.


If your case study is based on a “real” client, why not rework it into a testimonial? Or, take a testimonial and convert it to a case study. Most people don’t mind having their name and quotes used–especially if you give them some free promotion.

Be creative and come up with your own ideas for places where you can use and reuse your case studies over and over again!

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