Weekly eZine Source – Strategy #17

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by Deborah Plouffe No Comments

Why should YOU publish an email newsletter? eZines are one of the most popular and effective tools that we can use to communicate with our prospects and customers. You know a lot about your industry AND your business that your audience will find interesting.

Through our Weekly eZine Source and blog series, we’ll cover every aspect of formulating your e-newsletter, from design to content to marketing. We’ll help you to transform your subscribers into an enthusiastic audience who will look forward to each issue and gladly share it with their friends and associates.

Let’s look at Strategy #17.

“How-to” articles are one of the most commonly accessed resources online AND the most shared. The search engines love them! Like the press release ideas that we talked about a few weeks back, they are VERY easy to repurpose all over again to many aspects of your marketing.

You might think that people aren’t really interested in learning how to do anything else. We’re busy enough already, after all! However, those crazy, busy lives that we lead are exactly the reason that we seek out those “tips, tricks and methods” articles…to make things easier for ourselves.

Instead of taking you through a step-by-step process of how to write a “How-to” article, (YOU are the expert in your own business, after all) we’ll single out the three most important tricks (one per week) to get your readers to stop and READ your article both in your newsletter AND later when you let it loose on the Internet.

Last week, we looked at incorporating benefits into your article. This week, we’ll take a step back and look at the title or the headline…the first thing that your reader reads…and learn how to make sure that it isn’t the LAST thing that they read either.

Those busy people that we talked about last week are pretty smart about scanning headlines, so it is important to SPELL OUT those benefits IN THE TITLE.

Those expressed benefits that we talked about last week are what we want to see about those “TWO MAGICAL LITTLE WORDS” in your title AND they’re going to make a lot of difference in the amount of attention that your article draws.

Let’s take a look at a few examples. Remember the grand-daddy of all great “How-to” titles?


Did you know that Dale Carnegie was able to pre-sell thousands of copies of his book through the sheer genius of just this title and a really GREAT sales letter?

He also used one very common little word that might help you out as well…AND.

Who’d have thought that this would be such an important little word? Here’s why…and it’s another little copywriting trick that I’ve learned. It may sound deceptive, but there is a subtle relationship between the first and the second benefits listed.

There is an implication there (and it’s okay to “imply” in this case) that if you can achieve the first, you can receive the second as well. Here’s another example:


If you use the “dual-benefit” structure and they logically link together, you’ll find that your readers will be engaged even before they start to read.

THAT is another little word that can be used in about the same way. Here’s how THAT works. Keep your “How To” and add the top benefit. Here’s another example:


So! There are a few ideas of how to use your titles to engage your readers even before they start to read!

Next week, we’ll wrap it up by showing you how to “MAKE IT PERSONAL”

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