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Ode to Your Spell Checker…NOT!

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Hats off to the clever poet who penned this little Ode to a Spell Checker. I couldn’t locate the author, so if you happen to know, please let US know!

I halve a spelling checker,
It came with my pea see.
It plainly marks four my revue
Mistakes I dew knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait aweigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the era rite
Its rarely ever wrong.

I’ve scent this massage threw it,
And I’m shore your pleased too no
Its letter prefect in every weigh;
My checker tolled me sew.

– Author Unknown

So, where’s the GET IT WRITE TIP? It’s the easiest one yet: PROOFREAD THREE THYMES…make that TIMES!

All About April Puzzle!

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CLICK HERE to access this month’s PRINT ME Puzzle!

 Here’s our APRIL Word Search puzzle! Have FUN!

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April 2015 Deal of the Month!

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For each month of the Year 2015, we’re offering a different DEAL OF THE MONTH to EVERYONE!

This month, we’re offering our RESUME-Writer package for the low cost of only $29!

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Aim for the Top of the Pile!

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debbie_01“The most important tool you have on a resume is language..”

                       – Jay Samit

                                  JOURNEY TO THE TOP OF THE PILE

What really BUGS me is that so many people are convinced that they are writers! Many of us have impressive vocabularies, some are really good at grammar (think goodness!), while others can string words together tolerably well. However, there is SO much more involved with professional writing and this even applies to that document that practically every high school student (and many of the rest of us) is required to write during our lifetime: the resume. You can certainly create your own resume (as many of us do), but how effective is it? Does it have what it takes to get your application to the top of the pile?

A professionally written resume should (and should NOT) have several attributes that we’ve outlined below. Take a moment to review them and see how YOUR resume measures up!

•    A professional resume IS NOT formulated using one of those pre-fab templates. If your application is submitted electronically, your prospective employer will be able to tell.

•    A professional resume IS specific to your industry and should be tailored to the specific job profile and employer.

•    A professional resume IS NOT an autobiography; neither will it be full of hype and exaggerated self-praise.

•    A professional resume IS NOT written in the third person (don’t use pronouns like “he” and “she.” Your future employer knows that YOU are the one who is making the application.

•    A professional resume IS NOT written in crazy fonts with wild colours; it also DOES NOT contain any images.

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when you are creating your resume. Remember that your resume is often your first (any only) opportunity to make a good impression and should be an accurate and objective reflection of your capabilities and qualifications!

~ Deborah

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Book Trivia: Here’s a FIRST!

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Here’s a FIRST. Can YOU name the title of the book that is acknowledged as the world’s first NOVEL, published around the year 1008?

Do you know the answer to this month’s Trivia Quiz? Send an email with your guess, and we’ll reward the correct entries with a prize. Or, if you’re into suspense, we’ll publish the answer in the next issue of Timed Write.

P.S. The answer to our February 2015 trivia quiz is THE GRUFFALO.

COMING SOON: Write an eBook in 30 Days!

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Have you ever wanted to write an eBook but were daunted by the very idea of working through the process?

Help is on the way! This April 2015, we’re launching our HOW TO WRITE AN eBOOK IN 30 DAYS email program so watch for details in the next issue of TimedWrite. Recommends…

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Aw, Shucks, You Made Me BLUSH!

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Here’s a lovely testimonial from S.G., a recent graduate, who used our FIRST JOB FREE to tweak a letter of recommendation. His sponsor was proud to sign (it WAS beautifully written, after all), and we wish our new friend well in his search for permanent employment.

“Thank you for helping me to write the letter of recommendation for my job applications. I made 10 copies but it was so good that maybe I will only need one!”


Good Grammar is ALWAYS in Style!

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Do you ever have one of those days when it seems like good grammar is a thing of the past? WE sure do!

Having the opportunity to express oneself is extremely important, but PLEASE don’t do it at the expense of using good grammar.

Let’s take a look at FIVE reasons why WE think that writing with correct grammar in mind is SO important.

  • Good grammar and spelling indicate to your reader that you pay attention to detail. If your resume or cover letter is poorly written, for instance, you can almost guarantee that it will find its way to the bottom of the stack.
  • Bad grammar and spelling can be perceived as owing to ignorance, sloppiness and incompetence. When you see a sign with a misspelled word, what crosses YOUR mind about the business behind it?
  • Good grammar is a sign of professionalism AND respect for your reader. When your writing looks good, YOU and your business look good to your audience.
  • Good grammar, spelling and usage increase your credibility. Those of us who take care to write well and review what we’ve written stand out above the crowd.
  • Good grammar is synonymous with clear communication. A message that is rife with spelling errors and grammar mistakes is naturally more likely to be dismissed and discarded, while a well-crafted message is more likely to get read.

So there you go! PLEASE keep these in mind the next time you send ANYTHING to ANYONE!