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Canadian English, eh?

Posted on: November 20th, 2014 by Deborah Plouffe No Comments

Yes, we DO have our own brand of English here in the Great White North. It’s an interesting blend of American English combined with rules that reflect our British roots, with a dash of French, First Nations and immigrant languages for added spice . Here are our TOP TEN things that separate Canadian English from the rest of the pack.

1.    METRIC, of course! Even though we are supposed to have abandoned the old imperial system, we still see height and weight in pounds and feel temperatures better in Fahrenheit. Celsius IS a bit easier to spell and, speaking of spelling, we follow the British spelling for words like kilometre and litre (not meter and liter).

2.    ZED not ZEE! We ALMOST always refer to the last letter of the alphabet as ZED, unless we’re singing that song and we slip up!

3.    TOQUES! We wear them, and we know how to pronounce and spell the word correctly! There are some spellings variations, but this one is the most traditional. It is NOT a TOOK!

4.    U GOT IT! Here’s the most obvious difference: we put the U in honour, humour, valour, colour, and neighbour.

5.    STUDYING? In Canada, we go to college or to university, but in America (and we’re not sure why), the word university isn’t commonly used: post-secondary school is just college. Americans, however, use colourful words like FRESHMAN, JUNIOR and SENIOR that we almost never use.

6.    S or Z? Here’s one time where we tend toward the American side, using the letter Z in words like RECOGNIZE and ADVERTIZE while the letters S tends to be used in British spelling.

7.    DOUBLE L! That silly spell checker never seems to do the same thing twice with these! Canadians do tend to add the extra L in worlds like LEVELLED, TRAVELLED AND JEWELLRY.

8.   SLIP SLIDING AWAY! Okay, in some parts of the country we use the word SLEDDING to mean zooming about on a snow machine. However, we are very unique in having made tobogganing a verb! This French and Mik’maq word is so much more colourful than a drab old sled, isn’t it?

9.    CHESTERFIELD: You saw this coming, right? Unlike our American neighbours, we sit on Chesterfields, where they sit on smaller words like couches and sofas. We prefer that little tie back to the British aristocracy!

10.    EH! Well, that makes the list complete. How could our spoken language ever survive without that little interjection!?!

The Secret is Out…and it’s PAINLESS!

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painless_logo_4 (350 x 265).jpg


Last month, we hinted at a new webinar product that’s in the works and now it’s into production! It has a working title and logo AND we’ve finalized that we’ll team up with the folks at NEWORLD COACHING to present and produce the recordings.

This is a three-part video series, complete with workbooks, which will help ANYONE to complete their goals, manage their time and get everything on your list accomplished— even if your to-do list is longer than your cellphone contract.

PART ONE will focus on setting realistic goals and will explain the entire system that Neworld Coaching has been teaching clients for more than 10 years.

PART TWO will teach the art of Time Management and show you how to use planning and scheduling to get everything done and still have time to spare.

PART THREE will show you how to follow through with your plans and motivate you to accomplish them.

During the first week in December we will make this video series available to the general public at a cost of $99. Meanwhile, we’ve just launched a pre-sale of 100 copies to our clients, friends and associates for the low cost of $60. This pre-sale will end when we’ve sold the first 100 copies or when the series is released during the first week of December.

Here’s what you’ll receive with both packages:

  • Zip file with 3 video recordings (at least one hour each)
  • 3 workbooks
  • BONUS How to Create PASSIVE INCOME video series from Neworld
  • BONUS ONLY FOR PRE-SALE: NEWORLD’S  complete 13 hr recording of Meetings with the Masters, a series personal interviews between Neworlds’s Michael Fletcher and world-renowned business leaders.

Watch your email inbox, and check our FACEBOOK PAGE and the FRESH PROSE blog over the month of November for more information!

Remembrance Day November Word Find

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Here’s our NOVEMBER Word Search puzzle!

FIVE Must-haves for Your Next Copy Writing Project

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

                       – Leonardo da Vinci

Will YOU be writing any marketing emails or updating your website copy this month? Here are a few reminders to help you with your next writing project.

–    Remember that you are writing TO someone, not just about a topic. Tailor your approach so that you are speaking directly to them.
Write in the first and second person, using words like YOU and WE. Try to avoid using the third person. For instance, write: “You never know when you will need a widget” and NOT “One never knows when he will need a widget.”

–    Be as clear, brief and informative as you can and show that you have a personality! Avoid passive language like “A good time was had by all.”

There are also FIVE essential elements that you absolutely need
to include in your sales copy, and they work best if you organize
them into the following order:

FIRST, show them that you both understand their needs AND that
you can fulfil them. Relate to their problems by explaining a
common scenario that will show you the kind of problem you can

SECOND, empathize both with them and their problem.

, offer a solution to the problem.

FOURTH, explain your solution and why how they will benefit.

FIFTH, include next steps that tell them what to do next.

Finally, do expect to go back over and over again to revise your
work until it is well polished and you’re happy with the result. In
addition to eliminating any grammatical or structural errors, you
also need to be sure that it sounds well and is inviting and
enticing to your reader. I encourage you to follow these
suggestions and you’ll be pleased with the result.

P.S. Need help with your next copy writing project? Why not try a FIRST JOB FREE from


More Author Trivia!

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Do you know the answer to this month’s Trivia Quiz?
Send an emailwith your guess, and we’ll reward the correct entries with a prize.

Or, if you’re into suspense, we’ll publish the answer in the next issue of Timed Write. 

Can you name the famous author who was pensioned by Louis XVIII, spent time exiled to the Island of Guernsey and whose last words were, “I see the black light?”

Email us your answer and we’ll send YOU back a prize!

P.S. The answer to the last quiz was Kurt Vonnegut.

Need a Happy Halloween puzzle to share with your kids?

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CLICK HERE to access this month’s PRINT ME Puzzle!

              Here’s our OCTOBER Word Search puzzle!

Our TOP FIVE errors that we LOVE to hate!

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It’s time to review our new and improved TOP FIVE list of the most common errors in grammar that we LOVE to hate!  Here goes!

1)    TRY AND. The correct phrase is “try TO.”Don’t try AND make a difference; try TO make a difference!

2)    HOPEFULLY. This one is SO badly misused! The word means “with hope” NOT “it is hoped that.” You can gaze hopefully into the sky, but PLEASE don’t say “Hopefully, I’ll get I wish for!”

3)    COULD CARE LESS. Think about it for a minute. What you’re really saying is that you DO care, so remember to add the NOT in there and make it “I couldn’t care less.”

4)    LAY LOW. Does this one surprise you? To “lay low” means to knock something down. It’s regularly mistaken for the term “lie low” which means to conceal yourself and wait.

5)    YOU’VE GOT MAIL. It may arguably be a cute colloquialism but grammatically speaking, we SHOULD be saying “You HAVE mail.”

Well THAT was fun! Watch your language (and everyone else’s) and listen for these very common errors and try to (not and!) develop the habit of using the correct words.

SHHH! Can you keep a secret?

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Ben_FranklinSHHH! Can you keep a secret?

There’s a new webinar product in the works, set to be released later this year. It’s in collaboration with one of the industry leaders in goals planning, time management, and self-mastery (in our humble opinion).

We’re negotiating a reduced price for pre-orders and for associates of, so watch your inbox and the next newsletter for further details!

Showing Gratitude to Fellow Entrepreneurs

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“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”

                       – William Blake


Want to show your gratitude to a fellow business owner? 

One way to do this is to take the time to write a quick testimonial; but for some of us, the prospect of doing that can be quite intimidating. One would THINK that we would be willing to recommend a business owner if we are satisfied with their product or service…but what happens when they ask you to write a testimonial for them? 

Many of us will say “sure thing,” sit right down and stare at our computer screen for a while, not knowing where to start. We’ll type a few words, but it just doesn’t sound right and so we put it off. We really mean to do it, but we don’t know what to say!

Here are a few ideas to help you to get that glowing testimonial out of your head and down on paper.

1-Say it! For some of us, it’s easier for us to talk than it is for us to write. So, speak it into a recording device to be transcribed later, or ask someone to write it down for you. If you can say it, you can also video record it. Use your webcam or camera and email them the file. These are some of the most powerful types of testimonials because people LOVE to identify with other “real” people.

2- Be Specific. Include details, not generalities. “They are the best computer guys around” doesn’t carry the same weight as “They found my problem right away and explained each step of the repairs to me.”

3-Be Thorough. Make sure that your testimonial is honest and believable and try to cover at least these points:

(a) What prompted you to choose them?
(b) What results did you get?
(c) What did you like best about them?
(d) Who would you recommend them to and why?

Don’t worry too much about structure and style because you can always edit your points later. It’s more important to just get them recorded somewhere. If possible, have them include your company name and contact information as part of your testimonial to direct readers back to you. If your testimonial appears online, make sure that it links back to your website.

If you follow this approach, writing a testimonial won’t feel like a chore.  In fact, you’ll feel great because you’ve helped a fellow business owner by sharing your experiences.

P.S. Need help to write the perfect testimonial? Why not try a FIRST JOB FREE from


More Author Trivia!

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Do you know the answer to this month’s Trivia Quiz? Send an email with your guess, and we’ll reward the correct entries with a prize. Or, if you’re into suspense, we’ll publish the answer in the next issue of Timed Write. 

Can you name the famous author who also managed the first Saab dealership in America?

Email us your answer and we’ll send YOU back a prize!

P.S. The answers to last month’s quiz was F. Scott Fitzgerald. In addition to being the first author to use “wicked” to mean “good,” he also first used the words “T-Shirt” and “daiquiri.”