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I Was the Perfect Parent…Then I Had Kids!

It’s filled with useful information and resources…and it’s a great read too!

Does Your Writing Need Decluttering?

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Day after day, time after time, we use repetitious expressions in our written English. It’s not so much that we are carelesss; it  often occurs because these expressions are so easy to overlook. When is the last time you’ve heard the expression “free gift,”  “added bonus” or “foreign imports?” (I just heard the spam checker crack!)

At a time when Internet keywords are essential, we often repeat words on purpose. Good copywriting, for example, MUST contain some similar words in order for readers to make an unconscious connection. The issues of concern here are those redundant (and almost always unneeded) expressions, words and phrases.

There are hundreds of these, but here is a list of the 50 most common REDUNDANT PHRASES which we see most often.

Did any of those sound familiar? Of course they did! So, next time that you are proofreading your writing, look out for any of these that you might be using. We’ll be doing the same thing!

Victoria Day Puzzle

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 Here’s our MAY Word Search puzzle! Have FUN!

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DEAL of the MONTH from

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For each month of the Year 2015, we’re offering a different DEAL OF THE MONTH to EVERYONE!

This month, we’re donating HALF OF PROCEEDS from the sale of our FIVE MINUTES FIXES Ebook to WORLD LITERACY CANADA.

So grab your FIVE MINUTE FIXES ebook and bring it along to improve and empower yourself, anytime and anywhere!

What can YOU do in just FIVE MINUTES? You can improve your business AND yourself…and the REST of the world!

Should Business Donate to Charity?

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“Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.”

                       – Charles Dickens


Should small business donate to charity? Of course we should follow the example of large corporations and celebrities and involve ourselves in a worthy cause!

However, it is important that we do it in the right way and for the right reasons. When we do support charities and non-profit organizations, the benefits flow back to us in a number of ways:

•    We have the opportunity to “give back” in gratitude for our good fortune.

•    We garner good will and community support

•    We boost company (and solo-preneur) morale

•    We promote ourselves by connecting in a different way

As a rule (which is NOT written in stone), it is usually best to choose just one organization to support regularly. Likewise, it is preferable to choose a charity which is related in some way to your business and, where possible, even to your target market.

This month, we’re donating $5 per FIVE MINUTE FIXES eBook sale to WORLD LITERACY CANADA, which has been our non-profit of choice for several years. We chose this organization for their well-established commitment to promoting literacy and education across Canada and around the world. Visit the website to learn about how their programs strive to empower everyone, everywhere.

~ Deborah

P.S. Which charitable initiatives does YOUR business support? SEND US AN EMAIL to let us know, and we’ll post a link to their website (and yours as well) in our next newsletter and on the FRESH PROSE blog!

Book Trivia Quiz for April 2015

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Do you know the answer to this month’s Trivia Quiz? Send an email with your guess, and we’ll reward the correct entries with a prize. Or, if you’re into suspense, we’ll publish the answer in the next issue of
Timed Write.

Everything is RELATIVE! Can you name the world-famous novelist who is also a cousin of actor Christopher Lee?

P.S. The answer to our March 2015 trivia quiz is The Tale of the Genji by Murasaki Shikbu (Japan).   

New FREE$tuff Coming this Spring!

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Have you ever wanted to write an eBook but were daunted by the very idea of working through the process?

Help is on the way! This April 2015, we’re launching our HOW TO WRITE AN eBOOK IN 30 DAYS email program so watch for details in the next issue of TimedWrite. Recommends…

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Check out this useful BLOG and Facebook page to find YOUR next perfect recipe!

Ode to Your Spell Checker…NOT!

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Hats off to the clever poet who penned this little Ode to a Spell Checker. I couldn’t locate the author, so if you happen to know, please let US know!

I halve a spelling checker,
It came with my pea see.
It plainly marks four my revue
Mistakes I dew knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait aweigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the era rite
Its rarely ever wrong.

I’ve scent this massage threw it,
And I’m shore your pleased too no
Its letter prefect in every weigh;
My checker tolled me sew.

– Author Unknown

So, where’s the GET IT WRITE TIP? It’s the easiest one yet: PROOFREAD THREE THYMES…make that TIMES!

All About April Puzzle!

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