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Book Trivia…TWITTER Style!

Posted on: July 28th, 2015 by Deborah Plouffe No Comments

Do you know the answer to this month’s Trivia Quiz? Send an email with your guess, and we’ll reward the correct entries with a prize. Or, if you’re into suspense, we’ll publish the answer in the next issue of
Timed Write.

Isn’t it a good thing that there was no TWITTER at the time that so many of the literary classics were written? Can you imagine reducing War and Peace to 140 characters?

Well, we ran across this really cool tweet, which summarizes one of the greats. Can YOU tell to which piece of classic literature this refers?

our peeps all hate, but UR GR8 my *Xluvr. Letz meet F2F in crypt, but don’t drink!

Send us an email with the answer and we’ll send you a prize!

P.S.The answer to our June 2015 trivia quiz is Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, who incorporated himself in 1923.!


Write YOUR eBook in Just 30 Days!

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Have you ever wanted to write an eBook but were daunted by the very idea of working through the process?

Well, help is on the way! This July, we’re launching our HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK IN 30 DAYS program, so LET’S GET WRITING!

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I Was the Perfect Parent…Then I Had Kids!

It’s filled with useful information and resources…and it’s a great read too!

Email Marketing: We’ve Come a Long Way…Maybe?

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We LOVE writing guest blogs! Here’s one from earlier this year on the topic of Email Marketing… 

nwc-banner-adRemember the “good old days” when most of our marketing messages arrived on our doorstep or in our mailbox? Off-line marketing was expensive, it took time to reach consumers, it was often impersonal and there was no immediate method to test its effectiveness. Today, email marketing is inexpensive, delivered instantaneously, personalized and traceable. It’s a necessity for business and a reality for everyone else.

As recently as the 1990s, this was largely the only way for business owners to deliver marketing correspondence to their potential market. When the Internet was “born” in 1991, it changed marketing forever. In fact, for most of us, it changed our LIVES forever as well!

In its early years, the Internet (by bandwidth) grew by as much as 100% every year, and today you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have some sort of online presence.

While email began as an in-house communication tool for big business and academia, by 1996 (when Hotmail was introduced) anyone who had access to the Internet also had access to email.

Nearly 20 years later (has it been that long, really?), individuals and business owners alike spend a huge amount of time and focus on email communications. That’s because email has become the backbone of all kinds of digital communication. To put it in historical perspective, email is the new printing press.

These days, SPAM (which dates back to 1978) accounts for 80 to 85% of all of the emails that we receive. We’ll deal with the history and ramifications of Spam in an upcoming article as well.

When Ray Tomlinson created the very first email application back in 1971 (and initiated the use of the @ sign in email addresses), I wonder if he foresaw to what extent the online world would saturate both our business and our personal lives!


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 Here’s our JUNE Word Search puzzle! Have FUN!

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Our TOP 5 Grammar Myths

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Do you have a member of the Grammar Police force in your life? I mean, aside from ME? If you do, you’ve probably been corrected for your misuse of some obscure grammar rule…and NOW, it’s time to correct them back!

The problem with many hard-fast yet uncommon grammar rules is that many of them no longer apply! Here are FIVE of our most favourite grammar MYTHS and the new FACTS which have replaced them.

: A split infinitive occurs when you place an adverb between a “full infinitive” as in “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Guess what? It is perfectly fine to do this!

Even, and especially, the Grammar Police know that there is no such concept as “always” in the world of English grammar! It is just fine to use the passive voice (as in “mistakes were made”) when the subject isn’t named. In other cases, avoiding passive voice almost always makes your writing more interesting.

Sometimes, it’s best to write the way you speak, which of COURSE will be grammatically correct, right? Let’s look at this sentence: I have so much to be happy about. If we were to change this sentence to make it “grammatically correct” it would read “I have so much about which I am happy.” YUCK! Go with whichever sounds best.

Using these words to begin a sentence is a matter of choice, depending on the style of your writing. For instance, you’ll see this often in advertising copy and it works just fine! BUT make sure that your punctuation is correct and the sentence is complete.

And this one REALLY hurts…

Irregardless IS a real word, if you believe everything that you read in some dictionaries. Sadly, what has MADE it an accepted word is its widespread use over the past century. However, with that being said, we recommend that you do NOT use it if you want to be taken seriously! Don’t worry: the spell checker still catches it!

Have fun correcting the Grammar Police! What are you waiting for? (Oops…that was a preposition, wasn’t it?)

P.S. Thanks to Sydney from Orillia for suggesting this topic!

Summer Giveaway from

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                  DEAL OF THE MONTH from REWRITER.CA

We should rename this DEAL OF THE MONTHS, because we’re offering a cool giveaway for the entire Summer of 2015.


We’re giving away a copy of BLOG LIKE A PRO  (a $40 value) to everyone who signs up for our FREE$TUFF! Visit our DEAL OF THE MONTH page to learn more!

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Take A Pause…It’s NOT a Bad Thing To Do!

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  “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”

    ……..                                  –  Roald Dahl



Small business owners wear dozens of hats. Sometimes it feels like we need to be good at just about everything in order to survive. Often, however, there is one thing that we are NOT very good at, and THAT is taking time off!

I know, I know…you’re thinking that you can’t afford to take time off over the summer. Your livelihood is at stake; there is no one who can replace you; we all have a pocketful of reasons and excuses.

Actually, you can’t afford NOT to take time off! Working all of the time can potentially harm yourself, your family AND your business. Practically every time management expert and business guru recommends at least one full day off per week.

What happens to us when we take even one day of absolute “freedom” away from our business? In his plan for “freedom days” within the Neworld Coaching “Days” system, entrepreneur and business coach Michael Fletcher assures us that “taking a break away from business helps us to re-engage. It’s good for our health and well-being and especially for our family relationships.”

Michael adds that time taken away from business “helps us to gain perspective. Things that were driving you crazy seem trivial and you’ll often return with new, fresh and exciting ideas to grow your business.”

What if we DO take the break that we deserve? Even when we do set aside some time away, many of us are likely to haul along our smartphone and laptop at the same time! If we are able to pry ourselves away from that connection and enter “digital detox,” we still find ourselves thinking about our business. It is unrealistic, really, to expect us to ignore our life’s work entirely!
It’s okay to think about your business and even to check email once per day, but it is NOT okay to bring your smartphone along to the beach to check in with your clients.

Be sure to have the processes in place to take care of your business while you are away. Make sure that correspondence is taken care of and bills and staff are paid on time. Let key customers and suppliers know that you’ll be away. Agree to a scheduled call in while you’re away, if you must.

Remember the reasons WHY you are taking time away and make THOSE your priority. Then, have a safe, happy and FUN summer!

~ Deborah

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We LOVE Writing Guest Blogs!

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WHAT THE ### IS A HASHTAG?nwc-banner-ad


For the answer, check out our recent guest blog written for NEWORLD WEB CONNECT

Author Trivia Quiz for June 2015

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Do you know the answer to this month’s TriviaQuiz? Send an email with your guess, and we’ll reward the correct entries with a prize. Or, if you’re into suspense, we’ll publish the answer in the next issue of  Timed Write.

Here’s a pretty easy one: name the first author in history to incorporate himself.

Send us an email with the answer and we’ll send you a prize!

P.S.The answer to our May 2015 trivia quiz is, in a nutshell, the wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood after she climbed into bed with him. No ‘happily ever after” ending there!