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Expert’s Corner – Chris Steingart

Posted on: February 22nd, 2011 by Deborah Plouffe No Comments
Our expert this month is Chris Steingart from QT Web Designs. Here’s an exerpt from his Kings of Social Media blog.

The reason most people stop blogging – and how to avoid it

If you’ve got a blog, newsletter, website or any other form of communication with your target market you will no doubt start nodding your head when we talk about the creativity or content hump? Unless you’re a professional writer, you will no doubt run in to times when other stuff comes first and with this blog that dilemma is constantly rearing its ugly head. After all, until the blog replaces clients it doesn’t pay the bills – that being said this blog has garnered us our fair share of clients so its proven to be a valuable part of our marketing so it requires at least a little attention…

Either way, we thought we would share some ideas to help you get over the overload “hump”.

3 easy ways to avoid blogging overload

Blogging overload occurs in a variety of ways; either you don’t know where to begin writing, or you’ve been blogging for 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months or any length of time and you’ve run out of gas or no longer stick to the schedule that you’ve set for your self when you started thinking about a blog. Here are some ideas sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Overload Avoider Idea 1 – Dig up some old articles, newsletters, emails or other stuff that you wrote before you even had a blog. With a little bit of editing, you’re looking at some new posts.

Overload Avoider Idea 2 – Schedule your posts. If you’ve made a deal with yourself to post to your blog every Wednesday, that doesn’t mean that you need to be physically writing your post each Wednesday. Take one morning each month write 4 posts about 4 different topics and schedule them for each Wednesday.

*To schedule or back date a post – when editing a post click the “edit” link in the “Publish” box in the right hand column. Change the date and time to either a date in the future or a past date to quickly start building your archives.

Overload Avoider Idea 3 – Invite friends or associates to write something to post in your blog that is related to your topic. By letting other people write stuff for you it promotes them and it helps to fill up your blog adding more posts that are searchable online and will bring more visitors and traffic. Be sure to thank or reference them and link back to their website or contact info.

BONUS Overload Avoider – Create your own special program – challenge yourself to do something like lose weight, make money, learn a program, or conduct a survey (or something else really unique and creative). Not only will it keep you interested and attract followers, but in the end you will also have material that you can compile into an ebook.